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11.30.09 - 18:07 - Back Again!?!?!
So we have the same look, more than a year later, woohoo! Ron kindly lent me some disc space on his server, so with a little messing around with DNS settings, and re-direcing stuff on my registrar's site it works! woohoo! Hopefully I can get some of the useful stuff that was on this site up... (useful is relative..)... all updated being done w/ vi, of course!
-Andy J.

8.3.08 - 21:53 - Update
So it looks like i need to tweak the server some more to get all of the site functionality in place. The cool thing about this server is that it's running off of my network attached storage (1TB drive), as a standalone system. So instead of cranking down 300watts 24/7 with the old desktop hosting, this thing takes much MUCH less energy, and is super quiet, little, etc.. Hopefully i can fix PHP and install mySQL tomorrow.
-Andy J.

8.3.08 - 21:24 - BCOC Is Back.. ish.. Old Look
Can't seem to get BCOC 7.0 to work on the new server, something's up with php I believe. Also looks like I can't send data through the URL.. tricky...
-Andy J.